80 Easy Easter Crafts 2023 - Fun Easter Sunday DIY Ideas for Kids

From decorated eggs to painted baskets, these DIY ideas are easy ways to keep the entire family engaged.

There's more to Easter crafts than decorating hard-boiled or papier mâché eggs. Even if you're new to the world of crafting, the entire family — yes, kids and adults alike! — can enjoy a fun-filled day dreaming up everything from DIY Easter baskets and Easter wreaths to floral candles that can easily be designed with acrylic paint. Wool Felting

80 Easy Easter Crafts 2023 - Fun Easter Sunday DIY Ideas for Kids

If you're in search of creative egg decorating ideas and want to upgrade your Easter egg hunt this year, you can try fabric-wrapped eggs, pom-pom eggs, and eggs decked out with washi tape cut-outs. And for the true home design lovers out there, our list includes unexpected wood table runners, bunny tail garlands and accordion paper flowers — inexpensive decorations you'll love displaying all season long.

So, as you welcome the blooming flowers and warmer weather this spring, brighten up Easter Sunday with these "egg-citing" crafts that double as Easter decorations. Many of these activities call for basic craft supplies, including Mod Podge, fabric glue and craft paint, or common household items ranging from dish towels to coffee filters that you may have around the house already. You won't believe all the fun your whole family can have with these simple products.

While you're at it, consider these delicious Easter dinner recipes and fun Easter games that'll make the holiday one of the "hoppiest" ones yet!

Gingham is the perfect pattern to incorporate into your Easter decorations. Along with white eggs (we recommend hard-boiled, blown-out or wooden craft eggs), this craft requires acrylic paint and a 10 mm flat paintbrush.

Design your own Easter-themed candles, then use them as table centerpieces, add them to an Easter basket or gift them to your favorite host. You'll need paint markers (or acrylic paint), rubbing alcohol, a cloth and, of course, taper candles.

These cute egg coasters were made using replacement glass for oval pictures (glass or acrylic plexiglass are other options). Add Mod Podge, lightweight fabric, fabric scissors, and a craft or foam brush to your list when shopping for supplies.

Here's an egg idea that's quick, simple and mess-free. Plus, you only need white eggs (hard-boiled or blown-out preferred) and fine paint pens.

Featuring iron-on patches and a stenciled monogram, this embellished bow will upgrade any simple basket you plan to gift for Easter.

After purchasing craft eggs made of wood or paper mache, gather your other materials: lightweight cotton fabric, white school glue (or Mod Podge), a ruler, scissors (or rotary fabric cutter) and a self-healing mat.

Buy yarn, grab some eggs and get to crafting these macramé holders.

The Easter bunny isn't the only one who likes carrots — your guests will too (well these carrot-shaped treat cones, anyway)! To make, you'll need to print out our carrot template, and gather up coffee filters, orange paper, double stick tape, green craft paint, twine, a clothespin, a wire hanger, paper towel and scissors.

This five-minute craft will turn a simple basket into a festive gift or decor piece. The materials needed: fabric, a large dinner napkin (or a kitchen dish towel), fabric scissors, thin ribbon (or twine) and a basket.

Go blue! Beautifully decorate white eggs with indigo dye. The other materials you'll need: rubber bands, scrap cloth, a large bowl, a slotted spoon, rubber gloves and paper towels.

Make sure to turn the eggs occasionally with a slotted spoon to allow all sides to receive the dye evenly. You can try a masking technique for a layered look. Lay the dyed eggs on paper towels to dry before removing the masking.

• Stripes: Wrap rubber bands around the eggs to create stripes. Thick rubber bands work great for thick lines, while thin rubber bands result in delicate lines.

• Shibori: Cut squares of scrap cloth to wrap around each egg. Twist the fabric tightly and wrap it with rubber bands in all directions to secure it. Wearing rubber gloves, place eggs in the dye bath for five to 10 minutes (the more time in the bath, the deeper the color).

Paint wood strips of a plain wooden basket in multiple colors to create an Easter gift that's bold and full of treats. For a unique ombré effect, use different shades of one color for the strips.

Here's a no-sew craft that requires cotton rope, liquid fabric dye, hot glue and a craft paintbrush.

Craft sticks have never looked so good! To make this playful Easter basket, gather up some large craft sticks, a screw hole punch, hot glue, the top of a round take-out container (ours was about a 4” circle), white acrylic paint, craft brush, burlap (for the inside) and ½ a burlap ribbon.

Use our folding template to make these adorable origami bunnies. Fill them with treats, like jelly beans or small chocolates, before displaying or handing them out to guests.

Download our bunny-ear template before starting this craft! Trace the outer ear onto white felt and the inner ear onto colorful or patterned fabric. Use hot glue to attach the ears to the top of a canvas bag. To finish, hot glue on a pom-pom nose and pipe cleaner whiskers.

Instead of adding real flowers to your Easter decor, make your own with egg cartons.

For this eye-catching wreath, you'll need white cupcake liners, a white foam wreath form, acrylic paint, craft brushes, a drop cloth and sewing pins with white tops.

These dried flower eggs make great mantel or table decorations. For this craft, grab your preferred colored eggs, white craft glue, a craft brush and crushed-up dried flower petals.

Designed eggs always make great additions for Easter. DIY these eggs for your scavenger hunt, then use them as your decor.

Materials: white eggs, shades of pink and yellow tissue paper cut into small ¼” (or smaller) strips, Mod Podge, a craft brush Steps:

Easter is all about those adorable baby chicks and bunnies. Transform your regular eggs into colorful baby chicks — with vivid feathers to match. You'll need colored eggs, a natural egg carton, scissors, acrylic paint, a craft brush, yellow felt triangles, hot glue and colored feathers.

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80 Easy Easter Crafts 2023 - Fun Easter Sunday DIY Ideas for Kids

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